This list is informed by Hearken ElectionSOS and API’s Trusted Elections Network. The American Press Institute’s Trusted Elections Network was a 2020 initiative comprised of a separate private network that connected both journalists and experts to better understand and cover elections, consider strategies for addressing persistent misinformation challenges, and provided journalists with relevant expertise in real-time to strengthen election coverage this year.

Election SOS has expanded this network since 2020, adding 50+ more experts in 2022. 

Election SOS’ Trusted Election Experts are selected by the Election SOS outreach team. We invite scholars, advocates, attorneys, journalists, and anyone who has a verifiable body of work behind their opinions, to join the network. The experts are identified by their relevant expertise, their availability, and their commitment to benefitting the public good. No compensation is exchanged for the experts’ time, and it is up to the individual to respond to requests as they are able. The team finds our trusted experts through various means including their professional and personal networks, following the news, researching university and think tank websites, and recommendations from reliable sources. We look for people and organizations that demonstrate accountability and transparency in their research, meet our program objective to represent a variety of voices, and rely on our own journalistic instincts when vetting them as trustworthy.

If you or someone you know want to contribute your expertise to the Election SOS Trusted Election Expert Network please contact