Supporting journalists in responding to critical election information needs.


Election SOS First Aid

Election SOS introduces essential resources for busy newsrooms and reporters! Fast advice post-voting day, including resources on tracking misinformation, instilling public trust in your messaging, covering conflict, and more.

Election SOS offers digital and physical safety checklists with top advice on how to protect yourself while reporting during this election season. Download now to protect yourself.

What Election SOS Offers

Webinars & Resources

We are partnering with dozens of civic and journalism support organizations to bring reporters timely and relevant information and context for their reporting. From how to cover election security to learning from an elections administrator about how COVID-19 is impacting the voting process, we have a growing body of resources to support fact-based journalism.

Voter Guide Training

Voter guides are challenging to produce, especially in 2020. That's why we created a self-paced, five-day email course to help you build a guide with your audience in mind.

You'll receive one email each weekday with activities and examples to help you create a successful voter guide strategy. The foundation for this work is audience engagement, so you can put your reporting resources toward the issues that your audience is hungriest to learn about.

Election SOS Mutual Aid Community

Are you looking for other journalists around the USA to confer with on your election-related questions? Have you found an incredible resource or tool you wish more journalists knew about and could use? Join our free Election SOS Mutual Aid Community. Sign up and get started learning from other journalists and asking for what you need.

Election SOS Scenario Planning Guide

This Scenario Planning Guide is designed to help newsroom leaders, journalists and freelancers consider and plan for a variety of outcomes - some inside and others outside - of their control. 

We’ve broken it down into three major sections: 

  • Protecting Staff from Harm 
  • Protecting the Act of Voting
  • Protecting the Results

Use this guide as a strategic plan to customize for your newsroom. This free guide is available as a Google Doc, Word Doc and PDF.

Trusted Elections Expert Network

In partnership with The American Press Institute, Election SOS is curating a representative and diverse network of elections experts for journalists to call on for sources and for support. We'll feature federal, state and topic-centric experts for you to easily search and contact.

The Citizens Agenda 

If you're looking to create more voter-centric reporting that answers the public's most pressing questions about who is on the ballot and the mechanics of voting, download our Citizens Agenda guide and find inspiration from newsrooms using this tested & useful process.

Story & Pitch Database

The Election SOS story and pitch database showcases great examples of election coverage.

It has been built for reporters who are on a deadline, searching for inspiration, or just need a bit of a break.

All the examples should be easy to turn around while still informing and engaging your audience.

Are you looking for a resource or help that you're not finding on the site? Let us know!

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hearken training
hearken summit

Election SOS offers training & resources for journalists, connecting them to best practices, resources and support around election coverage.

Participation is free of charge thanks to the generous support of our funders.

What participants say


"Election SOS is helping us reassess how our election coverage impacts the communities we serve. Plus, the opportunity to workshop and share information and best practices with other news organizations has been invaluable."

– Carlos Virgen / Digital News Director, The Day

"The training from Election SOS has solidified our plan for election coverage in an actionable, engaging way. The resources, guest speakers, and fellow cohort members have been key to helping me answer questions and think through roadblocks."

– Annelise McGough / Growth and Engagement Editor, Grist

The Election SOS team & partners


Election SOS is managed by the consultancy Hearken with the support of Trusting News, is fiscally sponsored by the American Press Institute, and is principally funded by The Democracy Fund and the Trusted Elections Fund Project.

Learn more about the Election SOS team on our About Page.

Democracy Fund invests in organizations working to ensure that our political system is able to withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people.

American Press Institute helps transform news organizations for an audience-centric future. Read about related API efforts to improve election reporting.