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Amy Cooter

Senior Lecturer in Sociology , Vanderbilt University

Amy Cooter received her BA from Vanderbilt University and her PhD from the University of Michigan. She has researched different groups that are usually described as part of the “patriot movement” in the United States, and is an expert in US domestic militia groups. She is one of the few researchers from any discipline who has conducted interview and ethnographic research on militia groups, thus yielding insights into their motivations and ideological systems that are different than what can be gleaned from social media or news reports alone.

Dr. Cooter has been cited globally for her work and has served as an expert consultant on federal case involving militia members accused of plotting violence against a refugee community.

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State Expertise: National, Mich.
Speaks: English

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  • Civil Unrest
  • Misinformation
  • Voter Behavior

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