Voter Guide


Voter Guide Training

Voter guides can be challenging to produce for newsrooms in the best of times, and in 2020 there's so much information to sort through it can feel like trying to stay ahead of an avalanche of information. That's why we created a self-paced, five-day email course on how you can build your own voter guide.

After registering, you'll receive one email each weekday with activities and examples to inform your own voter guide strategy. The foundation for this work is audience engagement, so you can put your reporting resources toward the issues that your audience is hungriest to learn about.

By the conclusion of the course, you will:

  • Set your goal for this project.
  • Explore how you will reach out to your audiences, existing and new, to inform your coverage.
  • Consider how you will present the voter guide in the most relevant ways.
  • Design an accountability roadmap to ensure the work gets done.


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