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Election Protection Training

shieldOur Election Protection Track provides free training on a variety of topics related to protecting a free and fair election. There is no application needed. Register for upcoming workshops and get the materials from previous workshops below.

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Past Workshops - Videos and Materials

Covering In Person Voting During a Pandemic

Presenter: Josh Goldman, Program Manager at The Center for Tech & Civic Life

Description: Though voting by mail is in the spotlight, the majority of Americans may still vote in-person this fall. In a rapidly changing policy and public health environment, American election administrators are moving quickly to implement emerging approaches to keep tens of millions of in-person voters safe. Josh Goldman from The Center for Tech and Civic Life offers useful, practical tips on what journalists need to know when reporting on a pandemic election.

Behind The Scenes at Electionland

Presenter: Rachel Glickhouse, partner manager for Pro-Publica’s Electionland project

Description: ProPublica’s Electionland project has been home to some of the most thoughtful and innovative elections reporting in the industry. In this session, Rachel Glickhouse discussed the Electionland project, how it has worked in previous years, reporting highlights, and how the project works this year along with tackling COVID-related voting issues.

Vote by mail: What it is, why it’s under attack, how to cover it

Presenter: Tammy Patrick, Democracy Fund

Description: Election administration expert Tammy Patrick from Democracy Fund gave journalists key background and storylines about vote by mail - both from a national perspective and more state-specific.

Get up to speed on the key topics and important nuances so you can best cover vote by mail for your communities.  

Covering Elections from an election administrator’s perspective

Presenter: Tammy Patrick, Democracy Fund

Description: What do journalists need to know for their reporting about voter registration and voter access? Tammy Patrick was a local election official for years and shared extremely important background information on local election offices as well as storylines every journalist reporting on elections should be covering. 

Engaged Elections Training

Our Engaged Elections training is delivered through a cohort model (Apply here to be part of one). But sometimes we offer one-off trainings that don't require the context of being in a sustained program to derive value. Below are resources from this track you can dive into at any time.

Past Workshops - Videos and Materials

Jay Rosen Presents The Citizens Agenda

Presenter: Jay Rosen, NYU Professor

Description: Jay Rosen has been defining a different reporting model for newsrooms to use for their elections coverage for decades. It's called: The Citizens Agenda. When newsrooms have listened and applied it, it's worked tremendously well.

This talk blends a powerful philosophy with the practical and tactical ways of shifting the power for what politicians talk about to the public. To get free, hands-on guidance and support in adapting the Citizens Agenda approach, apply to be part of the Engaged Elections track


Trustworthy Elections Training

Our Trustworthy Elections training is delivered through a cohort model (Apply here to be part of one). But sometimes we offer one-off trainings or resources that don't require the context of being in a sustained program to derive value. Below are resources from this track you can dive into at any time.

What does your audience think of your journalism? What are you doing to explain your mission, credibility, process and ethics?

Need help with the basics of identifying and combating misinformation? First Draft’s Aimee Rinehart has quick tips.

Protection From Deception SMS Course

This free two-week text message course from First Draft Media will give you the knowledge and understanding you need to protect yourself and your community from online misinformation.

You’ll learn why people create and share false and misleading content, commonly used tactics for spreading it, how to verify images and profiles, and how to talk about this with family and friends.

Sign up for free and you’ll get a text message every day for two weeks, full of valuable lessons to help you prepare for the threat of misinformation.

About First Draft

At First Draft, our mission is to protect communities from harmful misinformation. We work to empower society with the knowledge, understanding, and tools needed to outsmart false and misleading information in the moments that matter. By standing up for truth in a polarized world, we can build more trust in society and help every community to thrive.


Engaged Elections

  • 4-week training, monthly start from May-September 
  • Apply here

Focus: How to use the Citizens Agenda and other forms of engagement reporting to surface and respond to community information needs. Includes voter guide best practices.


Trustworthy Elections

  • 4-week training, monthly start from June-September
  • Apply here

Focus: How to navigate misinformation and disinformation, build trust with audiences during an election campaign, and approach poll results amidst uncertainty.


Election Protection

  • Ongoing resources available to all
  • No application needed

Focus: How to cover voting safety concerns in the midst of a pandemic, spot attempts at voter suppression, and protect journalists from harassment.

In addition to housing resources from Election SOS training, this section will soon also include an expert database that can be tapped for help and sourcing of stories on a variety of topics. 

If you’re a journalist and have a resource or training you’d like Election SOS to provide, please fill out the form below. We’ll be back in touch if we’re able to provide or point to what you’re looking for.