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Election SOS Story Database


The Election SOS story and pitch database showcases great examples of election coverage. It has been built for reporters who are on a deadline, searching for inspiration, or just need a bit of a break. All the examples should be easy to turn around while still informing and engaging your audience. The stories in this database were found between September and December 2020. However, many of these questions remain relevant outside that timeframe.

If you develop any content using the pitch database we would love to share it. Submit work here or in the form at the bottom of the page.

Airtable Instructions

Filter by Article Focus

  1. Navigate to the Relevant Articles tab next to Pitch This at the top of the database
  2. Click "Filter" in the top menu
  3. Make sure field is set to “Article Focus”
  4. Select option from dropdown
    You can select multiple options in the dropdown
  5. To remove click the option again

Difficulty to Replicate Rating

Rows with a green line are the easiest to replicate, followed by yellow and red will take the most effort