First Aid Kit: Covering Conflict Card

Election SOS First Aid Kit: Covering Conflict


This election has many experts and citizens alike worried about a potential conflict. Here’s a roundup of helpful resources if you’re covering violence.

Apply Lessons from Abroad

  • We often associate contested, violent elections with unstable governments elsewhere. This year, we might face such a situation here at home. Expert panelists discuss their experiences covering elections abroad here.

Get a Grip on the Basics

Learn the Law

  • Read our summary of what the military cannot do in the United States during an election.
  • Then, make sure not to amplify self-organized armed groups that call themselves “militias.” Avoid giving them the publicity they seek. Also, make sure to emphasize that such groups exist without authorization.
  • After that, research the Justice Department’s role on Tuesday and beyond.

Build Resiliency

Next Steps: