First Aid Kit Card: Beyond November 3

Election SOS First Aid Kit: After Tuesday



The polls have closed, but the electoral process is still underway. Experts have warned that announcing the results of this election could take longer than what the American public and the media are used to. This roundup will prepare you to cover this period of uncertainty with integrity and confidence.

Covering Results Responsibly

Be Thoughtful of your Language

  • Avoid terms like “battleground” that convey war and instead use direct descriptive terms like “competitive state”.
  • Consider the recommendations of the Election Coverage and Democracy Network.
  • Think through carefully about what visuals you use to illustrate the races. Could they be giving a misleading impression?
  • Don’t use the term “delay” if the vote is taking long to count but no legal deadlines have been missed and other tips on how to frame your coverage.

Vote Curing and Other Election Integrity Measures

Covering Election Litigation

Mitigating Misinformation

Covering Protests, Civil Unrest and Possible Violence

Next Steps: