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Jesse Littlewood

Vice President for Campaigns, Common Cause

Jesse Littlewood developed one of the largest and most sophisticated nonpartisan rapid response efforts to combat rampant disinformation in the 2020 cycle, a significant addition that Common Cause has innovated and leads as part of our overall Election Protection work, creating the first SMS Text response line in 2018 and the first nonpartisan network to combat disinformation in 2020.

When disinformation about election times, places, or difficulties experienced by 3 voters with states using new voting methods due to COVID-19, a team of 3000 trained SMS and text volunteers can communicate directly with voters to get the correct information to them. Jesse’s leadership has been instrumental increasing the political power and influence of Common Cause supporters. Jesse scores important victories through innovative use of technology in campaigns that highlight the people’s voice in our democracy and shift power to the people.

Point of Contact:
Scott Swenson
State Expertise: National
Speaks: English

I can help with...

  • Election Security
  • In-person Voting
  • Mail-in Voting
  • Misinformation
  • Voter Suppression

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