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Cesar Aguilar

Executive Director, Arizona Students Association

Cesar Aguilar is the Executive Director of the statewide Arizona Students Association. Cesar is going on his 3rd year as the Executive Director and has been able to train, organize, and develop hundreds of new student activists in the state of Arizona.

Cesar is also the Balsz School District Governing Board Vice President.  Where he has been able to bring students new technology, new school buildings, and a more equitable education.  Cesar is the only Latino on the Balsz Governing Board where Latinos represent 75% of the school population.  Cesar has been the strong voice for Latinx students not only in his school district but also in the state of Arizona where he co-chairs the Latinx Advisory Board for the Arizona Department of Education for Superintend Kathy Hoffman.

Cesar has worked on including Latinx students’ voices in the department by created student advisory positions for Latinx and African American Students.  Cesar also sits on the Arizona School Board Association as the Maricopa Hispanic-Native American Indian Caucus and has fought hard to reform Arizona’s English Only barrier that is impacting Latinx student’s way of teaching and learning.

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