Why You Need to Cover Voting Rights Lawsuits


Covering voting rights lawsuits is vital to help your audience navigate the voting process. The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University has analyzed the spike in lawsuits this election year compared to 2016 and found an 82% increase. Read on to learn why it matters, how you can cover it, and examples from other newsrooms.

Why It Matters:

  • Voting rights lawsuits could affect your local election offices. What are the changes and how are they affecting your readers?

Why You Should Cover It:

  • If there are any court rulings before Nov. 3, you need to explain why that matters to your voting audience. A court ruling could give people more time to vote — and those details are important.

How You Can Cover It:

Examples of Coverage:

  • In September, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that courts may even decide election results in Georgia because of lawsuits.
  • In October, USA Today reported that more than 230 election-related lawsuits have been filed since Jan 1., 2020.
  • The New York Times Magazine has an in-depth look at how voting is being attacked overall in 2020.

Voting rights lawsuits

Next Steps: