Three Ways Pew Research Center Can Help Your Newsroom



Chances are, you’ve seen or reported on something from Pew Research Center. Here are three resources they have that can help you and your newsroom ahead of the upcoming election:

  • Survey data: Pew Research Center’s American News Pathways project, an initiative focused on Americans’ news habits and attitudes, allows journalists to create tables of answers to survey questions, from vote-by-mail to news about the presidential candidates.
  • The latest poll: As of Oct. 5, Biden leads Trump overall, and he also holds an advantage on most issues, including law enforcement and COVID-19. You can find all of Pew Research Center’s election content here.
  • Research 101: Pew Research Center’s Methods 101 video series breaks down important topics in polling/research, including random sampling, international polling and nonprobability surveys.

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