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Critical Reads for Covering Extremism

Extremist groups have not disappeared from the radar after the inauguration. The threats continue, and there is a critical need for responsible and contextualized coverage. For journalists tackling stories on extremism, it’s vital to understand the history and the context behind the fascist movements. Whether you have time to read an article or looking for a book on far-right politics, we encourage you to deepen your research for stronger and safer coverage. Here is the list of critical reads for covering extremism. 



  • Bring the War Home by Kathleen Belew details the various paramilitary movements that took place in the 20th century, from The Order to militias
  • Religion and the Racist Right by Michael Barkun is a book on the Christian identity movement, useful for understanding various forms of evangelical right-wing thought
  • Alt-America by David Neiwert, a good overview of the far right in American politics with a deep dive into the infiltration of mainstream conservatism by fringe elements
  • Blood and Politics by Leonard Zeskind, another book focusing on the electoral efforts of fascist movements
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