Join the Conversation


Finding the right source, guide, checklist, or resource is easier when you’re connected. Election SOS offers a free online community network where journalists and associated organizations can ask for resources they need and offer their expertise. This is not a forum for selling products or services, but providing mutual aid. 


It’s simple to join and works through people posting asks for what they need and offers of what they have.  

  1. Sign up directly here, and add a profile picture.
  2. Then choose your ‘affiliation’
  3. Post an ask or an offer.

Note: This data will viewable externally.

Here are some ideas of asks and offers to get your creative juices flowing:

  • OFFERS: Share resources about expanding outreach in a rural community. Share connections with a specific community that you'd be willing to share with certain groups who are looking to expand to that audience. Train other people about best newsletter techniques. Be available to journalists needing camaraderie.  
  • ASKS: Ask if for help converting new readers to subscribers during election coverage. Ask for the perfect language to explain to your boss why engagement is important. Ask for an accountability buddy to do your Election SOS homework. 

Have questions? Contact the Community Manager at