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Pam Wilmot

Vice President of State Operations, Common Cause

Pam Wilmot heads up a senior leadership team responsible for leading state-level democracy reform efforts nationwide and is an expert on reforming the Electoral College with the National Popular Vote Compact. The Compact is an agreement made by several states that once their total reaches the 270 Electors needed to elect the president they will pledge their Electors to the winner of the popular vote nationally, regardless of how votes are cast in each state. Pam served as Executive Director of Common Cause Massachusetts for two decades. In that role, she won dozens of ground-breaking reforms on campaign finance, ethics, elections, voting rights, and transparency laws, including one of the nation’s strongest disclosure laws to ensure voters know who is sponsoring political advertising.

Point of Contact:
Scott Swenson
State Expertise: National
Speaks: English

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  • Election Security
  • Electoral College
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