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Lela Ali

Policy + Programming Director , Muslim Women For

Lela Ali is a proud immigrant from Egypt and graduate of Duke University where she received her Master’s in International Development Policy and Middle East Studies. Her research focuses on social network analyses of local Muslim-American led networks in the south.

She is co-founder of Muslim Women For, a grassroots organization led by Muslim women. They advocate for Black, Brown, immigrant, and indigenous Muslim women through raising political consciousness, local organizing and collective healing. They create spaces for leadership development for Black and Brown women and build coalitions across communities and movements in North Carolina.

She also serves as the State Partnerships Associate at Movement Voter Project, where she is working as a main liaison with local groups in top battleground states like North Carolina and Georgia, assessing the organizing, donor and political landscape, and advocating for resources to build sustainable long-term progressive power. 

In all of her work, Lela aspires to use research and data in social justice advocacy and direct action in order to create policy spaces that recognize the most marginalized of our communities.

State Expertise: Ga., N.C.
Speaks: English, Arabic

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