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Keshia Morris Desir

Census and Mass Incarceration Project Manager, Common Cause

Keshia leads Common Cause’s 2020 Census Campaign and the organization’s efforts to end mass criminalization. Keshia guides the Census efforts working as part of the redistricting team uplifting issues of prison gerrymandering and centers the mass incarceration work around restoring voting rights to formerly incarcerated individuals. She led the board to adopt a policy and is now working for laws that ensure a person’s right to vote is never taken away from them once eligible. She highlights the challenges posed by the private prison system through the lens of money in politics.

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Point of Contact:
Scott Swenson
State Expertise: National
Speaks: English

I can help with...

  • Campaign Finance
  • Mail-in Voting
  • Misinformation
  • Redistricting

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