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Charlotte Hill, PhD

Researcher, UC Berkeley

I’m a policy analyst trained in political science methods. I earned my Ph.D. at the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, where I also received my master’s degree. My research explores how structural reforms might improve American democracy, especially for the types of people who’ve historically been shut out of the process.

I believe every American deserves an equal opportunity to influence policy. To that end, I recently sat on the national boards of FairVote, a leading election reform organization, and RepresentUs, a nationwide, bipartisan anti-corruption campaign. Both of these groups aim to help America’s policy process better serve the interests of all Americans, not just those of the wealthy and powerful. I also previously served on the San Francisco Elections Commission, which oversees local elections.

Relevant writing:

America Votes by 50 Sets of Rules. We Need a Federal Elections Agency.” in The New York Times

Young People Face Higher Voting Costs and Are Less Informed About State Voting Laws” in Berkeley Institute for Young Americans

What NC can learn about mail-in voting from states that have done it for years” in WTVD

State Expertise: National
Speaks: English

I can help with...

  • Mail-in Voting
  • Voter Behavior
  • Voter Suppression
  • Voting Systems
  • Other

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