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Carol Davis

Coordinator / Director, Diné C.A.R.E.

Carol Davis is Diné (Navajo) from the southwest Navajo Nation community of Dilkon, Arizona. Her educational background, from Northern Arizona University, is in Public Administration.

Before becoming the Coordinator for Diné C.A.R.E. in May 2015, Carol worked for over seventeen years as a public administrator for her community, where she coordinated social and environmental justice efforts, engaged her community in advocating for equitable water rights, continually educated her community on the adverse environmental impacts caused by illegal trash dumping, promoted the environmental benefits of recycling, and coordinated natural resource conservation efforts, while emphasizing government accountability throughout the administration of public resources.

She actively questioned and demanded governmental accountability and transparency, in policy development and implementation, and throughout the development and planning of community and economic development activities that affected her community, from all local, tribal, state and federal entities.

Her passion is to ensure that families and communities are afforded equal stakeholder input on all economic, social and environmental development and practices that impact their livelihood, customs, and cultural landscapes to protect a hozhé way of life.

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State Expertise: Ariz.
Speaks: English, Navajo / Diné bizaad

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