Extremism Support

Election SOS’s mission is to support journalists in responding to critical information needs. The riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan.6 has further surfaced the urgent need for resources on various extremist movements in the U.S. 

To help journalists navigate the complex world of extremism, Election SOS has added a resident expert on the militia movement. We’re inviting journalists and newsrooms to book time with the expert to better understand how to cover extremism while prioritizing both nuance and context, as well as digital and physical safety.

If you are a journalist interested in support, the expert is available to answer your questions on topics like:

  • The militia movement 
  • Right-wing extremist ideology
  • QAnon & conspiracy theories
  • Radicalization and deradicalization processes
  • Monitoring right-wing platforms online

Here are some of the examples of ways the expert can support you and your newsroom: 

  • Help you identify extremists groups 
  • Provide you with history and context
  • Share information about local activism groups and ways to connect with them
  • Explain how to monitor extremists groups on platforms like Gab or Telegram
  • Any other general support 

To schedule a 1-1 Zoom call or get urgent answers on the topic, please email us at info@electionsos.org.

More Resources: 

Extremism Roundup: Jan. 6 and Beyond

We will also continue to create new resources on covering extremist groups, like must-read guides to get familiar with the history behind specific groups, critical definitions to understand, and other advice for reporters. To keep up to date, you can subscribe to our newsletter, check back this page for new resources, and follow us on social media. 

Security Disclaimer: You may have noticed that we are not naming the expert by name due to the sensitive nature of the work they do. Before we can connect you with the person, we want to verify that you are not a malicious actor. As you learn more about various extremist groups, we encourage you to stay safe: 1. Consider downloading a VPN, like Private Internet Access 2. Set up PGP for Gmail 3. Check out more digital safety resources from Election SOS and partners.